Sunday, January 2, 2011

a new nest!

This quail has moved to a new nest [again].

I can NOW be found here.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

autumn adventure abounds!

current tune: "Smile" by Telepopmusik

I suppose most of the select few people who loyally decide to check up on my blog from time to time have come to the conclusion the consistency of this blog sucks. I'm about as consistent with this poor little thing as our government with is with the environment
[coughgulfoilspillcough]. I do not mean to be so here, there, and everywhere else but anywhere...but I guess that is how it is at the moment of my life; I am simply too wiggly and itchy of adventure to sit down and dutifully devote my time to a lovely little blog.

To all my loyal friends who maintain wonderful blogs, I give you much admiration and kudos for your consistency and devotion. I suppose my devotion goes to satiating my curiosity for the world around me whenever something new comes my way!

I do believe my camera is dead to the world-so I have began to once again rely on the means of those around me and a splendid new boy in my life, for his technologic iphone abilites.

Below is a document spontaneous road trip to Ithaca, New York to have a relaxing day in the gorgeous town of Ithaca and to do some exploring around the some of the beautiful gorges Ithaca is known for! We only saw a few with the sun setting in the woods we were walking through, so another trip of seeing the rest of those gorgeous gorges is in the process!

It's a bit of a drive from Syracuse [which is my current home] and even more of a drive from my hometown of Gloversville which is a northwest of Albany.


We decided to hike up Buttermilk Falls which is maintained and marked as a state park a bit outside of Ithaca Commons.

The view from the first falls to a tranquil pool below that you can actually swim in! I was so excited to see that and I plan to definitely swim there next summer!!

I saw this sign [after I waded in the freezing stream] and altered it to my needs.
I am forever a wader of forest streams and bodies of water.
A couple days after this adventure my mom and sister decided to come up and spend the day with both Greg and I in LaFayette, New York during an applefest at Johnny Appleseed Farms.

These were all taken on an iphone [not mine] through the lens of my sunglasses in the small midway at the applefest and on the drive there while we were in a line of cars to our destination. It was really lovely taking all these vintage looking photographs to enhance the beautiful colors and feel of the autumn in New York State.

I love New York in the autumn.
This is the time it is most alive.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I smell autumn!

current tune: Daft Punk "Revolution 909"

October is here and I can finally indulge in this present year's new autumn attraction: everything pumpkin.

The cold days are moving in here in Syracuse, New York, and last night I actually had to bust out my black pea coat to ward of the nips and chills of the night transitioning into morning while I supported a friend's band, A Couple Strangers, that I saw with my roommate Zoe and a very kind monsieur who I've been seeing, Gregory. The rock bit isn't particularly my choice of music listening-but Amber, the lead singer, has become a recent darling friend of both Zoe and myself so I showed my support through all the heavy bass [non-electro related] and screaming.

As far as the pea coat wearing is concerned, I don't mind that too much as long as I'm warm on my dumpster diving travels, adventures, or evening walks downtown with people. I do have to say as soon as we started receiving shipment for autumn merchandise at work the urge to have pumpkin-flavored-EVERYTHING kicked in!! I truly am "falling" more in love with autumn each year and the comforting assorment of colors, scents, tastes, and warm beverages perks me right up!

It's been a slow begining, but I've got three pumpkins on the backseat of my Merc that I can not wait to make into a pie, cook the seeds, and carve!

Some pumpkin delights I've been devilin' in lately:

Strabuck's pumpkin spice latte
[I realize it's corporate, but oh-so delish!]


Pumpkin spice creamer

[probably cancer-causing, but again oh-so delish]

Pier 1 Imports spiced cake candle
[smells like a pumpkin pie-and only gets trumped on our caramel pumpkin candle]

I have made sure both apple and pumpkin picking were checked off the autumn to-do list as well as making [thus far and still more to come...] 8 homemade apple pies that were disributed to family and friends last weekend.

More autumn goodness to come!
Baked goods, church rummage sales, hikes, more apple/pumpking picking, haunted hay rides, mulled apple cider, and pumpking pie!

I sincerely hope your autumn is turning out excpetional as well!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

stories of the delicate and other thoughtful poems

current tune: Caribou "Bees"

I seem to be switching some of my recent posts with some experimental poetry I've been creating. I've enjoyed writing little poems since the 6th grade and became even more inspired with the exploration of Surrealism and the beat generation within the past year. Going with this flow- I would push myself to look for inspiration in words and the different imagery they create when placed together in an atypical grammatical sense. The bounty of this is beautiful.

Last summer I would sit on my bedroom floor [in my 1st flat in Syracuse] with each letter set before me and began creating vertical poems or sentences word by word with the anticipation of something wonderful at the end.
I had no other rules to this mode of inspiration and newly found outlet of creativity-so I would let the piece end when I thought, or felt it was finished no matter the word count or context of the poem.

The words now come from other places and the connections are created without using the cut out magazine words. Sometimes the sentences come out of conversations, inspirational quotes or lyrics plucked from a song, and other times they just flow from my mind.

Most of these little poems do not have titles. I am not always good about titling my work in general-or it is not always as important to me as other aspects of a piece and some just seem to not necessarily need a name to have a power of its own.

So much to do-so much to see.
So many people to meet-so many places to be.
So little time-so much to do.
So little finances-
So many friends-
So many circles-

So little inspiration transformed.
So much food to steal out of rusting metal containers.
So little vice.
So little right.

So little days.
So little sun.

Winter is coming.
The wind is bringing in promises it aims to keep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

...and some evening mobile telephone photographs:

This is a lawn chair that I spray painted gold-like many of my other things it has found a home among the gold painted objects.

Gold seems to be a personal on-going motif for me as an artist.
Its precise role is yet to be defined.

Then there is the new potential project. I found a dead moth in a plastic bags of prismacolor markers and other things I found in the backseat of my Merc one day cleaning out. I remember being shown some art by another artistic friend living in Albany [Mr. M. Carlson] that used deceased moths and flies as the art piece. It was so whimsical and beautiful in its small delicate nature-and I fell in love with the concept behind it.

I am going to try and use this opportunity to write out a story or poem using this little moth as my protagonist. My thoughts will become his words as he tells the reader [or audience] about his wisdom, tales of adventure, and his past.

I suppose I am going to see where it goes!

Here goes the process.

stories of the delicate.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

little joys...

current tune: Can "Paperhouse"

I bought myself a nice small blue blank journal today at the local Barnes & Nobles [because it's down the road and around the corner from work]. I am quite excited to write [and stick with] this little teal book so that it may capture all my trips, the things I find, the people I meet, the places I visit, and the ideas I have.

that is my goal.

three joys in my day.

The poor quality of my mobile telephone camera is starting to grow on me.

poor unique amateur mobile telephone photographer.
who desires to see your photos?
look through to context.

Monday, September 13, 2010

here, there, and everywhere!

current tune: Wavves "King of the Beach"

I have been having another eventful summer. Unfortunately now that I have a new camera I have adopted the habit of losing it as soon as I upload again it's missing in action. Good news....I've figured out how to scale the fence and jump over this new acquired obstacle in my path.

Though my phone may seem archaic to in the present...I've figured out how to transfer photographs off it to facebook...and then wherever. It's quite an art removed thrice or more experience.

Though my photographs are small I still hope to capture the adventures I seek.

My life is still up in the air. I still go with the flow. I'm meeting new and kind people every day and allowing my life to be open so that I may learn and experience as much as I can. Since the beginning of August I've adopted a new mantra of going with the flow-saying yes to new things and along the way I have met some wonderfully amazing people.

I'm young. Adventuresome. I want to learn. Experience. Grow. Meet. Love.

Various photographs taken in my room, at Willie Marsh in Gloversville, New York, two dumpster diving trips, and the State Fair in Syracuse, New York.

...and yes I dumpster dive. I enjoy living off of the capitalistic waste of others. I find it rewarding.

I realize I seem all over the place. I'm consistently going off and on and never really in-tune with my bloggity blog I've got going on here. More power to those who still find interest in the random adventures I share. I've been finding inspiration all around and have happily spent a lot of my summer outdoors [or working...] and need to find a better -more effective-groove for my blog.
-thank you, Caroline

Thursday, September 9, 2010

where have you been?

current tune: Beirut "Nantes"

where have you been?

where have I been?

where did you go during those warm warm days?
when the sun never set and time had no card on the table
we found it on the curb
the other night
after that shitty party.

there was no music.
our departure had justification
for the new millennia.

what have you done, little girl? on the busy bustling city streets

you live in old suburbia.
where the old age goes
and the lawns are mowed precisely every 4 days
give or take precipitation levels.

you drive to your rhythm and you smoke what you can breathe.
chasing your adventures
searching for the american dream.

the winds are coming and change left his bill in the mailbox.
those late fees do rack up, buttercup.

go find yourself a russian.
to open your eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Too many times have I left this poor poor blog of mine to the wild and whims of the internet to just sit and deteriorate from lack of love and use. I've been too caught up with life, bills, work, finishing school, artwork, musical venues, adventures and road trips, meeting new people and dancing the night away, trying new things and losing much sleep.

I don't regret it.

I missed you, cozy quail.
I'm back.
to take care of you again.