Monday, September 13, 2010

here, there, and everywhere!

current tune: Wavves "King of the Beach"

I have been having another eventful summer. Unfortunately now that I have a new camera I have adopted the habit of losing it as soon as I upload again it's missing in action. Good news....I've figured out how to scale the fence and jump over this new acquired obstacle in my path.

Though my phone may seem archaic to in the present...I've figured out how to transfer photographs off it to facebook...and then wherever. It's quite an art removed thrice or more experience.

Though my photographs are small I still hope to capture the adventures I seek.

My life is still up in the air. I still go with the flow. I'm meeting new and kind people every day and allowing my life to be open so that I may learn and experience as much as I can. Since the beginning of August I've adopted a new mantra of going with the flow-saying yes to new things and along the way I have met some wonderfully amazing people.

I'm young. Adventuresome. I want to learn. Experience. Grow. Meet. Love.

Various photographs taken in my room, at Willie Marsh in Gloversville, New York, two dumpster diving trips, and the State Fair in Syracuse, New York.

...and yes I dumpster dive. I enjoy living off of the capitalistic waste of others. I find it rewarding.

I realize I seem all over the place. I'm consistently going off and on and never really in-tune with my bloggity blog I've got going on here. More power to those who still find interest in the random adventures I share. I've been finding inspiration all around and have happily spent a lot of my summer outdoors [or working...] and need to find a better -more effective-groove for my blog.
-thank you, Caroline

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  1. I dumpster dive too! I get a TON of clothing (since I don't really care what I wear) and I would say that at least half of my furniture is from picking it out of dumpsters or picking it up on the side of the road. Among all of the other things that we have in common this clicks because people either 'get' DD or they just plain don't.
    It makes me so happy that you do.